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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Good day?

Today was alright, was rushed out of the house this morning, and i forgot my belt, so i had to borrow James's belt, and it was uncomfortable, it kept digging into my stomache :(

Then at the busstop, Stanley showed up, and we were talking, and then he was like "i'm hitting on your girlfriend James" and started hugging me and being all "hey baby, let's go get some whipcream and go somewhere else" and it was funny!, cause i know it's not serious, we've always been like that to each other. but James got jealous...hardcore jealous. but he knows it's not serious, we were just playing around :P I couldn't stop laughing. And then Stanley kissed me on the cheek, and James was all -sad face-.

I love you James :P you're so cute when you're jealous.

Then he and James kept cornering me in the corner cause they were cold, i was like "stanley you shoulda wore a freaking sweater then!". But i gave him my girlie grey sweater, and he put it on, and it looked so funny, i would have a picture but he ran away from my phone.

Anyways, at lunch i went and worked on my history project, and i finished the backround and the outline of canada on my canvas. It's looking pretty awesome!.

On the way home i rode the bus with Justin, talked about nothing in particular, just asked how his brother was (haven't seen his brother, or his family since we moved out of thier place, hey actually no...His mom came over a few times, scratch that.. We were living at thier house for about 2 months when we first moved back to Winnipeg, remember?), anyways i got his cell # and we're gonna get together soon and hang out, and my parents gotta go over there to get some mail that was sent there anyways. They've kinda needed the incentive to go over there, cause my dad is always saying he doesn't got the time.
I'm anxious to see Branden though, he was dealing with kidney disease for the last few years, he's on dialisis and almost died. But Justin says he's getting fatter now, which is a positive thing, cause he wasn't gaining any weight!.
And i just miss the area, i miss Carter park with the swings, and i miss just walking around the streets there, it was peaceful. to me at least.

That's about it, i'm just filling out some surveys i got off Myspace, and eating dinner.