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Thursday, April 27, 2006

I think the "bubble-life" would be perfect for me.

major freak out time.

Ok MFOT was maybe 10 minutes ago. I was sitting on my couch watching Gilmore girls, as i usually do at 4PM. Eating some delicious microwaves sausage dealies. (and again, my yearning to lose weight hangs in the back of my head, i failed again! but they're so tasty...)

And then a commercial comes on, i hate commercials. So i get up to get the clicker (yes i say clicker, i hate saying just sounds weird). Oh man, i turned around and ther was a ovalish bug with millions of legs crawling WHERE I HAD JUST GOT UP FROM!!!

Now unless it had crawled up from the floor in the 5 seconds i was standing, that means i was sitting on it.

So i did what any normal person does. I screamed for my mommy! and the whole family ended up coming downstairs.

Yeah i live in the basement, so i guess i can expect bugs, but still.. i'm petrified of them, even butterflies.
So my brother killed it, and that was that.

But now i'm afraid of my couch.


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